A Four Point Plan to Reduce Your Medical Expenses
B.I.T.E. Your Bills! is a method to reducing medical expenses, created by an Accountant and the mother of a special needs child. Frustrated with the high cost of therapy and dealing with her health insurance company, Yolanda Baker created B.I.T.E. Your Bills!, which covers:

B = Budget
I = Insurance
T = Taxes
E = Employer-Sponsored Plans

A free intial consultation, in person or online, is provided to see if the B.I.T.E. Your Bills! method can work for you.

Visit http://www.meetup.com/money-advice for events in the Austin, Texas area.

This is a temporary page. More information coming soon on the method and on the upcoming book, B.I.T.E. Your Bills!

Thank you,

Yolanda R-L Baker

B.I.T.E. Your Bills! is a subdivision of GrayStar Investments, LLC,.
Contact Information
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(512) 241-1197
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B.I.T.E. Your Bills!/Attn: Y. Baker
PO BOX 30373
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